Yewdale Counselling Services

Serving West Lancashire

We know that many young people need to talk to someone from time to time, which is why we offer counselling to students of West Lancashire College. This is a free confidential service, parents, teachers and student services will not be notified of attendance. Any student who feels they might need to talk to one of our counsellors can make enquiries through Jane Kasper at student services, who will pass their details onto us. A counsellor will then contact the student directly, via phone or text, and the student can arrange a convenient time to meet at the college in one of the quiet rooms.  

We offer up to ten one hour sessions, during which students can talk as much or as little as they like. The Counsellor will listen carefully and then check out that she or he has really heard properly. As this special kind of talking and listening goes on students will begin to see more clearly what is happening in their life and will know what decisions they need to make and how to make them. We do not tell students what to do or how to solve their problems, instead, counselling helps students figure out what is best for them, and how to make their own decisions.


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